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Web Development & Web Design
Full Service Digital Business Solutions

With innovative approaches and advanced methodologies, Ceonex provides scalable business solutions to help companies achieve success through revenue increase, cost management and user satisfaction.

Focus on achieving business results
Our approach stems from the three most important business growth aspects: helping companies reach prospects, assist in converting prospects to customers, and assist in retaining those customers. This is accomplished through our interactive solutions and expertise in providing a memorable and positive user experience.

User experience core to business success
In order to effectively prospect, convert and retain, the user experience is placed at the center of all our development projects. Providing unique, memorable and positive experiences, striking the appropriate emotional connection and reducing mental effort required to interact with the site ultimately results in higher prospect conversion and customer retention figures.

Our expertise in strategy, design and technology allows us to create business solutions that excite and inspire, are easy to navigate, and enable businesses to strengthen their competitive advantage.

Proven success, tremendous ROI
We have been providing internet consulting, web development, web design, branding, system integration and many other business consulting solutions for B2B, B2C and B2E since 2001.

Switlle Media Company provides a range of services to accommodate the business needs of today and tomorrow. Together with Silktouch Management Corp. focuses on software development, and specifically on Microsoft technologies.

Our engineers are specialists in what they do. Most have a combined skill set, but our philosophy is for our engineers to be focused on specific skill set

Utilizing our vast library of software components and objects we built throughout the years, we are able to deliver solutions more rapidly.

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Hybrid Offshore/Onshore Software development
  • Staff Augmentation
  • IT Strategy Consulting
  • Maintenance and Support services

Software Development
Specializing in Software Components

  • Service-Oriented Architecture Design
  • Win32 Applications
  • Web Applications
  • Web Components

Specializing in Technologies

  • .NET 2.0 Framework
  • SQL 2005
  • Oracle 10g

Specializing in Design Patterns

  • Singleton
  • Factory
  • Observer

Part of making a software development project a success involves following a methodology.

Switlle Media Company and Silktouch Management Corp. following best practices and proven methodologies, which is a key.

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