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Petri Heil - Gold OnLine
Nice fishing simulator

Petri Heil - Gold Online is NEW fishing simulator. Is it possible to meet a person who didn't feel in his childhood the anxious feeling having caught a fish! Heavy, wide, majestic fish - this is Your trophy! I

nteresting actions, fascinating game process and realistic wather are implemented in this fishing game! None of the free fishing games does not give You this delight\\\\\\\\'s! This game lets you feel this wonderful feeling without leaving your home. Photorealistic graphic, bird singing, beautiful dynamic water and everything you need to enjoy fishing is collected in this game. Today it is the best game of fishing simulation.

You can fish everywhere: in different rivers, lakes, ponds all over the world. You can choose any of 50 areas with a beautiful graphics. You can catch fish of definite breed in each area. In game implemented all real fish behaviour. You main objective is to fish as much as possible and get points for it.

You may get a surprise trophy. It is usually a golden or silver fish. You will get many points for it. You can go in for fishing Petri Heil – Gold Online both at home and at the office. It is a brilliant game just to relax for a while from your work, enjoy the nature, listen to the pleasant music and then get back to your work. You can take part in the Internet fishing competition. You can become the best fisherman in the whole Internet! To do this you only have to choose your strategy how to catch huge specimen of fish/ After that you can switch to "Online regime" and get as many points as possible. As soon as you get some points you should send them to the game Internet server and you will surely get into the game statistics. But to be the winner or even to be in the top ten fishermen you have to do your best. Having made a lot of effort you can be the best all-Internet fisherman!

Full game statistic you cat view on official site .

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Download Petri Heil - Gold OnLine Full (23 Mb)
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Download Petri Heil - Gold OnLine Lite (14 Mb)
Setup Lite Version of Petri Heil - Gold OnLine (exe)

Download Petri Heil - Gold OnLine Locations Pack (9 Mb)
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Operation System: Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME/98
CPU: 800 Mhz
RAM: 128 Mb
Video: 64 Mb

Datail information:
Game Site:
Statistic site :
Genre: Sport, Fishing Simulator
Language: English, Deutch, Polish, Russian
License: Shareware

Fishing Simulator for Relax
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