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Electro Master
Collect all wires on game field
   The task is to assemble all power lines , damaged by robots which want to destroy all the mankind.

    Tlthough not all the robots turned against the mankind but majority of them promote the active destruction of the united electric nets of the world! They blow up power lines in different places. Don't let them do it!

    You have to connect all broken chains of power line in time.

    You have done it but consumption station is off that is why the chain is broken. You have to switch it on by pushing red buttons and gathering tools of activation. You'll recognize them because little red arrows always point at them.

    The are a large number of prizes in the game? They help You during the game. Some of them help You to connect  the elements. Through "The Door" You can go to the next level straight away. If You use the elements which hold up the liquid and “Money Pump”, You\\'ll gel the maximum score!

    You can also collect precious stones, every three precious stones You get a freestyle prize. But you should careful too, beware of catches!

    Every level is more interesting then the previous one. Every level has its own new prize element. In all there are 100 levels in the game!

    The game is very beautiful and interesting!

    The prize is so small that don't even think – just buy it and all!
Enjoy Your self playing Electro Master!

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You can download this game from official link:

Download Electro Master (18.4 Mb)
Electro Master Setup File (exe)

Operation System: Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME/98
CPU: 800 Mhz
RAM: 128 Mb
Video: 64 Mb

Datail information:
Genre: Logic, Child
Language: English
License: Shareware

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