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New Fishing Filmulator 2 - Sea Dream
Nice relaxation game and pleasant music

"Fishing Simulator 2 - Sea Dream" is very nice relaxation game and light pleasant music.

This is NEW version!

This version appeared maritime location. Therefore, you can enjoy recreational fishing at sea and marine fish. Nothing is more beautiful than to come from the sea and extend your holiday! In our game fulfilled all the most beautiful moments of marine landscape: sunrise morning, afternoon fishing, fishing at sunset, night sea fishing and even fishing on a different planet! None of the free fishing games does not give You this delight's!

This fishing simulator is the best way to relax! fishing

Wanna go fishing? Now for this purpose you need not get up early in the morning and ride to the pond. You do not even need to understand well the subtlety of operating fishing tackle. Playing "Fishing Simulator" you will be able to fish round-the-clock, regardless of the seasons! "Summer Fishing Filmulator 2 - Sea Dream" is a fishing simulator, which allows you to take a rest and escape from everyday fuss. Beautiful landscape, relaxing music, indefatigable birds pan-pipe will compliment you a great deal of positive impressions and raise your spirits.

This game offers considerable advantages as compared to its competitive projects. Try them and you will like it for sure. "Fishing Simulator " is not just a boring sitting with a fishing-rod. The game brings in a new playing realism and exclusive combination of controllability and performance. Enjoy fishing at home regardless of your skill level.

The best places for fishing are waiting for you: the game is supported with 50 different places, suitable for EXCELLENT BITING! You can fish in different parts of the world and different ponds. And you can fish even on Mars in the update version of the game! Every locality is unique, but be sure - you will get a great deal of wonderful impressions regardless of whether you choose fishing in the delta of the river or angling on another planet. In addition, 40 types of fishes float in the numerous rivers and lakes! Could anyone in the world withstand such temptation?
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You can download this game from official link:

Download Microsoft Update - Microsoft .Net Framework (2.7 Mb)
This file need to start many windows application. If you have problem with our software please try install this update

Download Fishing Simulator 2 - Sea Dream (Lite Version) (28 Mb)
Compleete shareware version with 15 locations (other locations works only in registered version). This version has only 1 relaxation music files. If You want try Fishing Simulator 2 - Sea Dream You can download this version. After, You can download other

Download Fishing Simulator 2 - Sea Dream (Full Version) (222 Mb)
Full shareware version. This version already has all of 50 locations and ALL relaxation music. This download is large and recomended if You want to buy Fishing Simulator 2 - Sea Dream.

Download Up to 50 Locations Path! for Fishing Simulator 2 - Sea Dream (8 Mb)
If You download Fishing Simulator 2 - Sea Dream (Lite Version), You can download this locations path. This path works only with registered version.

Download Relaxation Music Packages for Fishing Simulator 2 - Sea Dream (Light Version) (103 Mb)
If You download Fishing Simulator 2 - Sea Dream (Lite Version), You can download this music packeges. All music presents in this game, endorsed by leading psychiatrists and was recommended to listen for the relaxation.

Operation System: Windows Vista 32 Bit, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME/98
CPU: 1000 Mhz
RAM: 256 Mb
Video: 64 Mb

Datail information:
Game Site:
Statistic site :
Genre: Sport, Fishing Simulator
Language: English, German, Polish, Russian
License: Shareware

5 Stars Ivertech Software Rating
5 Stars Ivertech Software Rating

Editor Choice
Editor Choice

5 of 5 at DownloadsCafe

Fishing Simulator for Relax
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